Martí i Franquès: the man who watched air


Josep Grau Bové


Antoni de Martí i Franquès laid down his pen, got up from his desk and leant out of the open window. It was spring and a pleasant breeze was blowing. Although he spent most of the year at his home in Tarragona, he still liked to come to Altafulla when he needed to concentrate. From the window of the office in his house, which was near the castle, there was a view of the sea and a few boats quietly floating there. One of them belonged to Martí and was sailing out of the port of Tarragona loaded with goods. But this was not what he was looking at. The window also looked out onto the terraces of other houses, the fields between the village and the sea, and the track along which the farmers toiled to and from their crops. Some of these men worked on their land that was spread all over the Camp de Tarragona. But this was not what Martí was looking at either.

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October 29, 2014

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